How We Work

This is your home we’re talking about. A renovation can be a big investment of your time and hard-earned money—and involves big decisions about size, structure and materials. As a renovator with more than 15 years of experience, I work with you to make the process easier.

How Fresh Reno works with you:

  1. We work on one renovation at the time, remaining focused on that homeowner until the job is done.
  2. You always deal with me, the owner. And yes, we are men who communicate. Before and during your renovation, we keep you updated about scheduling, progress and timelines. We respond quickly to emails and phone calls.
  3. Fresh Reno puts it in writing. Our detailed estimates and contracts include the precise scope of work, the exact price, a payment schedule based on milestones completed, and a timetable for completing the work.
  4. We keep a daily 8 am to 4 pm schedule that you can count on.
  5. Fresh Reno protects you and your home by carrying $2M in liability insurance.
  6. We pride ourselves on safe renovations and bring in licensed trades people (e.g. electricians and plumbers) as needed.
  7. Please check our references. We welcome the chance to introduce you to homeowners who have had similar renovations so you can ask them about their experience with Fresh Reno.
  8. We vacuum. Really. We cleanup the renovation area each day to keep your home feeling as normal as possible.

Our promises to you:

  1. Supplies are never marked-up, even when we order or pick-up the materials for clients. If a 2″ x 4″ costs $3.25 at Home Depot, then that’s what our client pays. It’s curious (and disappointing) that so many other contractors mark-up supplies.
  2. We recommend suppliers based on good products and positive past experience. We don’t get any kick-backs from any suppliers or sub-contractors.
  3. All the renovation photos on this website are from our real jobs and real clients. Many other renovators use professional photos purchased from sites like It’s a common practice and it means you don’t know if they do good work.
  4. Our satisfied clients are our main source of referrals. Fresh Reno doesn’t pay for advertising or rent trade show booths. You won’t see us in paid magazines or newspaper space. Companies that do advertising pass those costs along to clients.
  5. You pay only for our skilled labour to do your renovation. That’s what you expect and that’s what we deliver.
  6. We consistently finish renovations on-time and on-budget, as you’ll see in the client testimonials in this website.

Our Prices:

Clients frequently ask how renovations are priced. This is a conversation we’re always happy to have. The answer varies a lot from Ottawa contractor to contractor and you should always receive a detailed quote, then an explanation of anything in the quote that isn’t clear. To give you a ballpark for our pricing, visit the pricing pages on this site.

I hope this answers some of your potential questions. If you have others, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.