An accessible bathroom for Chris — THANK YOU.

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Chris Jordan ManU game
Heather, Chris and Dan cheering on Manchester United.

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Chris Jordan’s dream bathroom doesn’t have crystal, marble or a rain shower head. He needs a physically accessible bathroom and only $1,000 stands in the way.

Living with multiple disabilities has never stopped Chris from wanting the same things as other adults: an active social life, being close to his family, interesting work and to live on his own with friends he chooses. This final goal has been the hardest to achieve for the 38 year old.

Chris’ parents are ageing and ill, adding increased urgency to Chris finding stable and supportive housing.

Chris Jordan and Chris Scott
Chris Jordan celebrating his birthday with Chris Scott.

After much searching, Chris has found an apartment where he’ll live with Chris Scott, who is both his friend and care provider. Additional assistance will be provided by a local agency that supports adults with disabilities living in ‘home share’ (the system’s jargon for living in a care provider’s home under the supervision of an agency).

But, the apartment bathroom isn’t accessible and Chris can’t move in until it is. Chris has some ability to walk and needs a shower stall without a lip or ledge plus a network of strong grab bars to support his weight.

Chris’ dream to live on his own is now within reach. The only thing standing in his way is fundraising the final $1,000 for building materials.

Chris Jordan Chris Scott pool
Chris J, Chris S and me.

Please support Chris’ Christmas wish.

Donations can be made to the Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation on-line, by phone to 613-822-5391 or by mail to the Ottawa Rotary Home at 4637 Bank Street, Ottawa ON, K1T 3W6. Please specify you are donating towards Chris Jordan’s bathroom.

Thank you,

Paul and Heather
Update December 12, 2012 10:43 a.m. 
$350 has been raised! We’re $650 from a new bathroom.
Update December 13, 2012 2:36 p.m.
$895 has been raised!
Update December 13, 2012 3:33 p.m.
$1000 raised. Thank you everybody for helping Chris achieve his dream for a stable place to call home with an accessible bathroom.

BIG update February 17, 2013

Bathroom before.

Back in December, Chris Jordan was so very close to his goal: to live in a stable home with a person of his choosing.

His friends and supporters were working hard to raise the funds needed to turn a standard bathroom into an accessible bathroom.

That last $1,000 seemed to be the hardest. Then you came along.

THANK YOU to the many people that generously donated to Chris’ dream when they read the message above. Many of you have never met Chris, but you opened your hearts to support his dream.

You are the best kind of people. It’s beyond touching.

And wow, have we got news to share…

Bathroom after. Chris loves it!

The bathroom has been renovated, including a raised toilet, accessible shower that Chris can walk into and a network of grab bars.

Chris Jordan has moved into the apartment he now shares with Chris Scott.

Chris sends a huge THANK YOU to everyone that made this possible. Chris, Chris, Heather and I had dinner together tonight at the apartment and it was rather emotional at one point. Living here means so very much to him. And, the stability means the world to everyone that cares about him.

Please know what a wonderful difference your donation has made to a terrific guy.

“I’m just so touched by the generosity of the community. Not only of those who donated towards the renovation fund, but also those who have donated their time and talents to make this happen. The results are incredible. It has allowed Chris to live his life with close to the same level of autonomy as his brother or sister. I’m so pleased to see Chris so happy in his new home – and I mean “home.” It’s not just a space where he lives. It’s a safe, accessible, caring environment that he chose–where he is free to be himself, come and go as he pleases, and take on some of the responsibilities of having his own place. As his sister, it brings me a great deal of comfort. I am deeply touched. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen.”
– Suzanne Tubb, Chris’ sister

Chris is thrilled with the result and gives you a tour in the video below.