Nepean bathroom renovation

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Paul Gratton Fresh Reno Ottawa renovation contractor bathroom day 1 before 01
Bathroom before.

This renovation in the Manordale neighbourhood is to a bathroom from the 60s — original to when the house was built.

In many ways, it’s nice tackling a bathroom where there aren’t previous renovations, because it’s typically been done to code by the builder and there are fewer surprises than when there’s been a DIY reno.

Paul Gratton Fresh Reno Ottawa renovation contractor bathroom day 1 demolition
Day 1: Demolition
Paul Gratton Fresh Reno Ottawa renovation contractor bathroom after
Bathroom after

I put down a new sub-floor, then heated floor cable system and used self-levelling compound to cover the floor, leaving a perfectly flat surface for tiling.

The shower features a wide band of mosaic tiles that wrap around, plus small recessed shelves on both sides of the shower taps, then a large recessed shelf at the other end of the tub.


  • large floor and shower tiles: Rona
  • small mosaic shower tiles: Home Depot
  • sink and vanity: Home Depot
  • paint colour: CIL paint from Home Depot in Toasty Grey
  • wall-mounted heated towel rack: kontour.ca
Heated towel rack, set to a timer switch.

The recessed cabinet is flanked by dimmable lights at ‘ideal make-up height’, so I’m told. There’s also a waterfall style faucet, GFCi outlet and a programmable thermostat for the floor heating.

Bathroom after: Recessed cabinet and lights at
ideal make-up height (or so I’m told).
Floor after: it’s heated. At the top left of this picture you
can also see the bottom tip of the wall-mounted towel